It is comparatively easy to manage hardworking and dedicated employees while on the other hand, managing slackers or lazy employees can prove to be quite the hassle, challenging and draining as well. Everyone is bound to deal with lazy employees, instead of considering them a lost cause, here are five vital and practical tips to help motivate and manage the slackers of the organization.

Shaking hands

Be a good manager to all employees

Certain managers claim they can manage good employees but can’t seem to control the lazy ones. The fact is, if you can’t handle everyone equally, then you probably are not a good manager. To effectively relate to your team, you must first get to know them. If you fail to develop relationships with employees, you will not be able to identify any underlying issue they may be facing which results in unsatisfactory performance. It is better to understand the cause before making any assumptions.

Be honest

After you begin to notice signs and symptoms of non-productive behavior, it is time to sit down and have an honest conversation with that employee. It is not easy, particularly when calling them out. But the benefits are without a doubt worth the discomfort. It provides an opportunity to discuss your evaluation and find out what’s wrong and adequately providing them a chance to change. Ignoring the slacking efforts of employees causes them to think what they are doing is right and will only lead to more issues.

Set goals

Setting up individual and collective goals is a useful technique to motivate and hold accountable the employees to produce work at a faster pace. This is a practical solution as against assuming the employee will appropriately meet their deadlines on time on their own.

Assign more responsibility

Attributes of laziness can be sourced from boring and dull work which the employees don’t find challenging enough. An employer can effectively tackle the underlying issue of complacency. When the employee seems to be bored with work assigned to them, try giving them more challenging work as compared to the present ones. Upon doing so, you may gain a grateful employee willing to work hard to achieve and meet the said deadlines.


Reward them

Payment for the work performed is a nice touch. Besides, incentives to lure more hard-working employees are bonuses or raise in pay. Simple tips such as appreciating and celebrating the employee’s hard work can motivate and encourage them to work harder than average.