Knowing where to start and plan your digital advertising strategy is a common challenge faced by businesses. One of the most common challenges faced when planning a digital marketing strategy knowing where to start your plan from or how to pitch the idea to your bosses.

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The 10 reasons you need a digital marketing strategy are-

  • Strategy to help you focus- Most companies aim at increasing their online reach by getting more followers on different platforms such as their blog, Facebook page or Instagram Page. Companies must lay out a defined strategy with regard to the number of followers they want and how they are going about to achieve that goal and what are other goals they want to reach.
  • Save your potential customers- Its 2018 and new start-ups have been succeeding more than ever. If your company is not updated with the latest market trends, upcoming start-ups how are in par with the trend might take your potential or sometimes even your existing customers.
  • Help you adapt and optimize- With a well strategized and written plans, a company can keep track of the work and keep a regular check on the current methods and determine the effectiveness of the current work. Different websites help you keep track of your work on different digital marketing platforms and make sure you receive real time stats and facts to adjust the strategy accordingly.
  • Hinder duplication of content or resources- By creating a proper digital marketing strategy, you avoid the chance of duplication or repetitive content from your team and you can ensure that everyone on your team are on the same page.


  • Responsive and efficient organization- With a set marketing strategy you can experiment new methods and approaches as it gives you more wiggle room when compared to traditional marketing.
  • Know your online demand- By creating a digital marketing strategy and using different services in regard to this, you know what your audience want and can change your strategy accordingly.
  • Management of resources- Without a well-planned and effective strategy, you can overspend or waste unnecessary time on your marketing. Having a well-thought out strategy will help you in maximum optimization of resources.
  • Understand the dynamics of the market- With a good digital marketing strategy and help of websites that help you collect data, you will be updates on the marketing trends and changing dynamics of the audience’s demand and will be able to serve them better.
  • Low cost- Digital marketing is a very efficient option for start-ups as it requires much less investment than traditional marketing and will ensure to have an extensive reach among the audience.
  • Multi-level engagement with customers- When a company strategizes its digital marketing, the company is assured to have clarity in their objectives and can have a multi-level engagement with the customers.