Gas Water Heater

A Gas Water Heater is a continuous flow heater, unlike storage water heaters. The electric storage heater stores water in a tank and heats it up. A Gas Water Heater is a heater on demand, which works by taking in the water on a continuous flow basis from the water source, heats it up and then delivers it. So, the difference is that hot water is not stored. It is produced on demand. This ensures greater energy efficiency. You can heat water only when you need it.

Benefits of Using a Gas Water Heater

Water heaters using gas are connected to a gas pipeline or a source of gas. This would be natural gas or LPG. You, of course, need to have a gas connection before you can have a gas heater installed. You can set the temperature you want in advance. If there is a lot of demand for hot water cylinder or when there is a cold wave, you can even link two heaters to get water that is hotter.

  • How does it work?

The Gas Water Heater has a connection to a gas source, which supplies gas as an energy source to heat up water. There would be a regulator to control the gas flow. An input pipe to the heater would come from your water source. The output could be fitted to the shower or tap, as per your requirement. When you turn the water source on, running water flows into the water heater. The gas burners in the heater automatically ignite as soon as the water flow starts.

The hot water then starts flowing through the output pipe. Once the source tap is turned off, the gas burner also gets switched off automatically. So, this is an on-demand heater that heats water only when there is a requirement. Now that we have discussed how it works let us see what the benefits of using this heater are.

  • Benefits of the gas water heater

These are the benefits of a water heater that uses gas:

  • A gas water heater works on demand. You can use hot water as and when you need it. There is no necessity to store hot water.
  • It works faster than electric heaters. Electric heaters are much slower in the heating process. Also, they need to heat and store the water, which needs more time. Whereas, a gas heater would heat and supply hot water instantly.
  • The cost of electricity is higher than the cost of gas. When you heat up 25 gallons of water, you need to use electricity for an hour, which would be expensive. Gas is a cheaper option.
  • If there is an electricity blackout or a power cut or any kind of problem with the electricity supply, then gas would be a great option. There is no dependence on electricity.

A Gas Water Heater thus has many benefits as compared to electric heaters. You can enjoy lower costs and save electricity. This is the reason why gas heaters are popular and used in most homes.